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The Orbiteers was created in early 1959 to fill a need for a San Diego area competition free flight club.

Amazingly, in the late 1950's, there was no active free flight club in the San Diego area. Despite claims to being the oldest club in San Diego, the Aeroneers was dead and the void needed to be filled. A group of young teenagers banded together to create the now famous, and THE oldest, continuous organized free flight group in San Diego, the San Diego Orbiteers.

An old club, but a new site. The Orbiteers needs your input to make this site what it should be.

Please send photos, stories, what-have-you, that pertains to the Orbiteers to the site Web master, Bob Beecroft.  I can be reached at Bob@TheAeroSmith.com for email.  Email me for home address and phone number if you need to communicate via other means.  Suggestions invited and welcome. 

Orbiteers second club logo, this one done by Natko Antonioli just after the 1959 Nationals. This has been the long-standing primary logo of the club.

Left, another frequently seen logo of the Orbiteers.  This one originated on the side of the Orbiteers van of one of the club members;  A 1974 blue Ford Econoline with a big orange stripe, and a huge 'cloud' logo on each side.